How the Floods Affect National Parks in Thailand

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The floods in Thailand have affected some of the national parks of Thailand. These national parks are temporarily closed because of the floods: Kosumphee Forest Park, Maha Sarakham Lam Pao Wildlife Conservation Development and Promotion Station or Suan Sa-on, Kalasin Nam Phong National Park, Khon Kaen The following national parks remain open, but some activities […]

Government Cut Budgets for National Park Protection 40%

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The Thai government has cut the budgets for National Park protection by 40% – that means that lots of rangers who have been hired are now fired and need to find other ways to make a living. And obviously they are now already familiar with the national parks and the wildlife that lives there. And […]

Bird Watching in Kao Yai

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We recently went on a trip to Kao Yai that we booked via Greenleaf Guesthouse. Now, we’re not really interested in birds, except for when they are barbequed, but unfortunately for us our tourguide went by the nickname of “Birdman”. A nickname that fit him very well. He was a bird fanatic and I’d say […]

Kao Yai National Park Thailand

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The Kao Yai is one of the most amazing national parks in Thailand. And it’s not an easy-peasy trip. In fact, in certain areas you should wear special clothing, namely very high socks that you pull over your pants. Because they protect you from bloodsuckers, nasty leeches that are abundant in certain areas. And eager […]