Khao Sok National Park in Southern Thailand

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Here is a beautiful photo taken in the Khao Sok national park in southern Thailand.

The photographer was sitting in a kayak, and he described that while he was sitting there, the sounds of the environment were as serene and pleasant as the view – birds, insects, monkeys, the rustling of leaves in the wind – but no “artificial” sounds that we are so accomodated to.

It Khao Sok is a beautiful place to get back in touch with nature, calm down and take some meditative time out for yourself. Reflect on what you want in life. Sometimes we get taken away with all these desires, wishes, ideas, theories, concepts, our mind is like a busy factory constantly churning out new thought material. Give it some rest and relaxation. Nature will provide you with everything you need – and you will be even more energized once you come back.

Photocredit: Daniel Bosma

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