Government Cut Budgets for National Park Protection 40%

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The Thai government has cut the budgets for National Park protection by 40% – that means that lots of rangers who have been hired are now fired and need to find other ways to make a living.

And obviously they are now already familiar with the national parks and the wildlife that lives there. And the easiest way to make some quick money in that situation would be to go hunting for wildlife illegally.

It’s sad, because while it is true that Thailand now has “big problems”, I personally feel that the government is using this opportunity to cut the budget on something where people will not complain as much – especially because they say that the money will go to help flood victims.

There are Tigers who live in the national parks – a sack of tiger bones can be sold on the black market for around 100,000 baht, which equals around ten months of salary for most Thais. It’s tempting, especially if it is easy to get a hold of and you’ve just been made redundant.

All it takes is some animal that is killed, and then the body is filled with rat poison. Once a tiger goes to eat that animal, he gets poisoned and they go to collect his dead body.

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