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Thailands national parks are beautiful places to explore a rich nature of both the animal kingdom and plants. Mountains, natural wild or cultivated forests, waterfalls, lakes, islands, marine rock formations, caves, rivers, hot springs – you name it, Thailand’s national parks offer it all. Many parks also offer accomodation, you can hike, travel with guided tours, on your own, by bike, car or motorcycle. The beauty and safety of Thailands national parks is pretty much unique in it’s variety.

Khao Yai National Park

Is one of the worlds top 10 national parks and Thailands first national park(established 1962) and it’s second largest in size (2,168 square kilometers, or 387 square miles). It has evergreen rainforrest and grasslands, with mountains that reach 1351 meters (0.839 miles) above sealevel, more than 67 different species of mammals, 320 species of birds and 3000 species of plants. There you can see tigers, Asian elephants, black bears, gibbons and many more. 50 kilometers (31 miles) of hiking trails if you’re up to it! Entrance fee: 200 baht.

Thaleban National Park

An untouched national park with a rich wildlife population and gigantic trees. 196 square kilometers (or 75 square miles). Rainforest and mangrove forest and limestone mountains create a magic atmosphere.

Doi Inthanon National Park

Thailands highest mountain is located here in this northern Thailand national park – it’s 2565 meters or 1.6 miles high. Indigenous Thai hill tribe people are still living here and it’s one of the best places in Thailand for birdwatching. Eco-friendly tourism and homestays with the hill tribe people can be experienced in this national park.

Erawan National Park

A multi-level waterfall that you can hike up on save hiking trails, with small lakes on each level. A very popular and often crowded destination not just for foreigners, but also for Thai people. In one level you can slide down a natural “waterfall slide” into a pond of fresh water, in another level you bath and right away handsized fish start munching away on your skin (no, it’s not piranas, these fish actually clean your skin from old dandruff).

Phang Nga Bay Marine National Park

Beautiful scenery has for many years drawn photographers from all over the world to this marine national park in Thailand. Movies have been shot here too (like James Bond). Natural limestone rock formations and green islands with beautiful blue water and a rich marine life make this is very popular destination for many tourists.

Mu Koh Chang National Park

Koh Chang is Thailands third largest island – a rich forrest, amazing waterfalls and perfectly white sandy beaches with crystal clear blue water. Mu Koh Chang national park includes about 40 islands, many of them much smaller but just as beautiful as Koh Chang.

Lan Sang National Park

104 square kilometers (41 square miles) has steep rugged, forest-covered mountains.

Nam Nao National Park

A magically beautiful 966 square kilometers (373 square miles) big national park with pine tree forests and mountains.

Mu Ko Phetra Marine National Park

This marine national park of Thailand in the Andaman sea is 494 square kilometers (191 square miles) – but 94.75% are just open water!

Sirinat Marine National Park

This 90 square kilometer (or 35 square mile) big marine national park got hit by the 2004 Tsunami and the beaches are recovering.

Tarutao Marine Park

Thailands first national marine park consists of 51 islands. 1490 square kilometers in total, it’s biggest island Ko Tarutao used to be a prison – political prisoners were sent here. Sea Gypsies are living here, but the tourism industry has discovered the beautiful islands and is now milking them. In recent years more and more bars opened here, drunken tourists are more common and the sea gypsies lifestyles are also changing. If you want to go – you should go now.

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