Khao Sok National Park Thailand

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The Khao Sok Nationalpark in the south of Thailand is a great place to travel, not far from Phuket – Thailands major tourist destination.
It’s also Thailands wettest region with up to 3.5 meter of rainfall per year (thanks to monsoon rains that come in from both the Andaman Sea in the West and the Gulf of Thailand in the East).
The oldest evergreen rainforest of the world is covering the Khao Sok nationalpark and you can go canoeing, trekking, elephant riding and go on jeep safaris.
Gigantic limestone mountains will leave you in awe – you probably have never seen anything like it. Beautiful blue lakes and a wide variety of animals living in the free wilderness make the Khao Sok national park a true adventure.

There are Elephants, Tigers, Tapirs, Leopards, Gibbons, Barking and Mouse Deers, Sun Bear, and bamboo rats, cobras (king cobras, Asian cobras and spitting cobras), pythons, scorpions, tarantulas and many other mammals, reptiles and spider in the Khao Sok national park. In total 48 species of mammals are documented to be living there, 188 species of birds and an uncounted amount of reptiles and insects.  It’s still a wild piece of nature in it’s fullest beauty and richness.

In total the Khao Sok national park is 739 square kilometers (285 square miles) in size + adjascent nature preservates.

The best time to travel there is December to February, because this is where there is less rain than usual.

There has been no case of malaria for many decades in the region, so it is save to assume that malaria is totally eradicated from the region. However, be aware that climate change is said to possibly bring back malaria to some areas where it has been eradicated, so before embarking on your travel to Thailand simply have a look at the recommendations of your foreign ministry. But just because there is no malaria anymore – the mosquitos can drive you crazy if you don’t prepare yourself accordingly, so bring some tigerbalm (mosquitos hate that), sleeping nets or other measures to protect yourself from nasty mosquito attacks.

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