Kao Yai National Park Thailand

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The Kao Yai is one of the most amazing national parks in Thailand.

And it’s not an easy-peasy trip. In fact, in certain areas you should wear special clothing, namely very high socks that you pull over your pants. Because they protect you from bloodsuckers, nasty leeches that are abundant in certain areas. And eager leeches they are. They detect you very fast. And then they crawl up your leg really fast too, and you have to snip them away from your leg constantly.

(It’s a bad idea to wear short pants or a skirt there, by the way).

If you get bitten by one of these leeches, it’s not dangerous – but it’s just nasty and annoying. It can bleed for several hours.

But again – with the proper socks, everything is fine.

And then there are much more pleasant animals in the park, like…


And not just one kind of monkey… there are gibbons (did you know that they live almost exclusively in the trees and hardly ever walk on the ground?), rhesus monkeys, langurs and macaques. (Maybe even more).

There are tigers, bears and elephants. Gigantic spiders as big as a woman’s fist. Ant’s that build their nests in the trees, hanging like wasp nests. Butterfly’s so beautiful you want to marry them. And mega-hornbills that are bigger than you when they spread their wings. Crocodiles that don’t mind eating you if you get in their way (well, I never heard of that happening though).

Then there are breathtaking waterfalls. What makes them so amazing is not so much that they are big, but just the setting and the scenery. It’s amazing, and you should see it while mother nature still has these pristine places to offer. (if you go for the waterfalls, go between June and August, there they carry the most water).

You can also sleep in the park, there are several hotels, guesthouses and bungalos.

You can go into the park for 400 baht (about $12, or 8€).

You can also go on a night-time jeep safari if that’s your cup of tea.

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