Bird Watching in Kao Yai

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We recently went on a trip to Kao Yai that we booked via Greenleaf Guesthouse. Now, we’re not really interested in birds, except for when they are barbequed, but unfortunately for us our tourguide went by the nickname of “Birdman”. A nickname that fit him very well. He was a bird fanatic and I’d say of our whole day trip, about 4 hours were spend doing nothing but bird watching, which is about as exciting as collecting stamps if you’re not into that kind of thing.

One of the people that was on the trip with us also did the half day trip that Greenleaf Guesthouse offers and was much more impressed by that. So I suggest do the half day trip first, as it’s a lot cheaper, and apparently a lot more fun too.

But if you are into bird watching, Kao Yai is paradise for you. We met several bird watchers that were all very enthusiastic about the birds they spotted in this national park. Be sure to bring special socks to protect yourself from leeches – one of the bird watchers showed us his wounds from leeches. He said they weren’t painful, but they surely didn’t look nice.

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